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February 2009

Sonoma, California/ 

Paris, France

Welcome to my Atelier

When I first began writing in this studio I invited friends to stop in anytime.  I wrote then that I wasn't soliciting comments or creating an interactive forum.  Then as now, my intention was and remains for you to feel comfortable lingering here without the need to post a comment.  Now I do have one request and I'll get to it in a moment.

It is a risky business inviting people to one's studio as it is a less than perfect place in some ways.  Sometimes I'll write late at night or early in the morning and so by the time you come in to read, it is possible that you may stumble upon a punctuation error or two left behind...that sort of thing, until I come back and "clean it up."  This is one of the reasons why a writer needs an editor in the way an untidy room calls for a broom.

Another way in which inviting you in is a risky business is that I reveal my essence:  no masks; no shields and no moats to keep you from me.  Here I lift the veil.... This less than perfect place I call The Atelier reflects me...perfectly.  In English the word Atelier means studio.  I rely on the French to make every word sound sensuous.

I love the story about the most ancient of customs of Persian rug weavers, who, always twine an imperfection in the weaving of their exquisite rugs.  The reason they do this is to remind themselves that only God is perfect.  I understand their need to be humble in the face of such perfection.  I share it.

This is a working studio.  From time to time I may make minor editing changes to some of my earlier works, though without letting go the feeling I conveyed the first time around.  I mention this because for some this is a return visit.  If you liked a piece the first time I encourage you to have a second look, as a few words or a turn of phrase will have freshened it up.

Occasionally you may see a "construction" sign that reads:  "Work in be continued."  It signals that I'll return to work on the piece another time.  The "View Blog Archives" link on this screen is a place to check for meditations that may be stored and not seen as you scroll down.  

I have no set schedule of arrival or departure from The Atelier.  If you like lingering here, come back from time to time and make yourself comfortable whether or not I am present.  Mi casa, su casa

So, my request of all the wondrous fools and angels who tread here

Please leave your calling card I am still not soliciting comments unless you feel moved to post one; but do let me know you stopped by.  Leaving your name is a welcoming gesture that will surely keep the studio warm each time I enter it.  If you're here first, go ahead and light the fire.

You may leave your name at the door (this posting) or with one of the stories you feel a connection to.  I leave it to you to decide where to leave your calling card. 

Thank you for stopping in at The Atelier.  As a fellow wondrous fool and angel, I'm glad you are here.  Knowing you might stop in from time to time inspires me to return again and again.

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Comment posted by lia on 02/26/2009

good job for showing up in your studio I'm proud of you! Lia

Comment posted by Dorrie on 03/03/2009

The fire must be lit because your Atelier has a warm and beautiful glow. Your picture transports me to Paris, especially when I see you sitting on the bench at the Place Des Vosges. Creativity spilling off the page.

Comment posted by Giovanna on 03/09/2009

Anya, dearest,

I always smile when I think of you working in your Atelier. It's a place I will always visit when I'm in the mood for some fine writing. Hugs, Giovanna

Comment posted by Rob Larman on 03/18/2009

Hi Anya Looking forward to Saturday. I can definitely identify with your mood.  Love the Raymond Chandler lines.  Rob

(note:  reference to "Sultans of Soul" Retreat Writing Workshop on 03/21/09)

Comment posted by Rob Chimsky on 05/29/2009


Just finished the Bechamel and the Marinara is simmering in anticipation of its inclusion in our lunch for Saturday. Felt like a good time to take a break and visit with you in your Atelier. Look forward to seeing you this weekend.  Rob

(note:  reference to "Navigating The Four Rivers Of Life" Retreat Writing Workshop on 05/30/09)

Comment posted by Debbie Darrin on 08/09/2009

Thank you for sharing your "work in progress".  For me, freedom to be, came in realizing and accepting that life is a work, an art, a creation in progress.  I need not be pressured by external or internal thoughts to feel that I must "arrive" to any end to be complete.  The beauty in each living creature is the journey, is the layers of colors of the palate.  The more layers, the more intricate the creation, yet there is not end to the creation. Each splash of color we apply in our story is merely a snapshot of something so much larger than we as humans can even imagine. Life is a continuum of creation and to live in it as such is a joy and a freedom. Breath and body spirit and soul are gifts we are honored to explore.