Posted - 01/22/2009 03:02am
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January 2009

Sonoma, California

Overnight we changed our national state of consciousness from unenlightenment to enlightenment for those of us who chose to turn on the light.  It was as simple as finding the switch yet as complicated as understanding from where the light emanates.  It took as long as it took to figure out process, until finally one man reached for the switch and said, let there be light.  He made it seem easy when he finally found the switch.  We wondered why it took so long to understand from where the light emanates.  Like moths drawn to the light, we instinctively knew we had transcended darkness.

It was the road finally travelled that led to the light on a dark winter's night.  It took the courage of a Lion; the heart of a Tin Man and the brain of a Scarecrow to lead the way to the Emerald City.  Every now and again, a man of destiny appears on the scene to remind us that the qualities needed to live in the Land of Oz rest within ourselves, and that we don't actually have to travel in search of courage, heart and a brain.

In our lifetime, I think of Mahatma Ghandi, Dr. Martin Luther King and Vaclav Havel who led as if all of our lives depended on their illumination of the way.  They led by example, showing us that courage is fueled by heart and empowered by the brain when it chooses the path of non-aggression.  They chose light over dark; non-violence over aggression; integrity over sleight-of-hand; inner strength over arrogance and love as the shield needed to slay all the flying monkeys on their way to the Land of Oz.

Yesterday, another man of destiny stepped forward to illuminate the way yet again and to let us know his time is now.  With the inauguration of America's 44th President, Barack Hussein Obama revealed himself to be the man of light needed in this very moment of darkness.  Without judgment of the other, without bombast and without sleight-of-hand, the magus walked in to our lives, humbly asking for our help: to help him help us and then for us to help others so that we might see God in the faces of one another. 


Could we finally love our neighbour as we love ourselves and for once use judgment for the sole purpose of celebrating our differences?  Could we say "yes, we can" to that notion?  Could we agree to at least start there before fanning out to reclaim our differences?  And how might our differences feel then if we first began with a celebration of Self and Other?  These are questions of the ages brought back at a time when the right answer truly matters. 

When Barack and Michelle Obama chose the Etta James song "At Last" to be sung for their first dance at the "Neighbourhood Ball," followed by nine more dances to the same refrain at nine other inaugural balls, I intuited that they had exposed their love supreme for the purpose of opening the curtains wide to invite us to their Land of Oz...after a long day's journey into the night. 


We all travelled this road with them and arrived as an ensemble to leave our footprints in the sand, with just enough to time fulfill our promise before the hourglass emptied again.

"I found a dream
that I could speak to
A dream that I
can call my own...."

Etta James


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