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January 2009

Sonoma, California

The Unbearable Lightness of Being

We want so much to believe we matter and that our lives create an imprint, that we leave footprints hoping the wind won't blow the sand into a clean sweep of our creation.  Before the footprints are blown away we do get a chance to leave our impression. We can pass on a teaching or bear witness to another's struggle and maybe, just maybe, at the end of our lives even find our own redemption.

Can we live the struggle for the sake of learning how to reach deep into the caverns of our being to find the jewel in the crown?  And what if we discover the Hope Diamond shining brilliantly atop the heart of compassion...what then?  Wisdom teachings tell us that among the simplest yet grandest of gestures is the one that knows what it feels like to walk in another man's shoes.  It is then that the Hope Diamond shines brightest.  It is then that hope springs eternal in the human breast....

A treasure greater than we might imagine or spend is the gift we receive when we share the Hope Diamond found atop our hearts of compassion.   It is for this reason and more that we are called upon to leave footprints in the sand, with just enough time to fulfill our promise...before the hourglass is emptied again.

A woman for whom I have deep respect, cultural anthropologist Dr. Angeles Arrien, introduced me to a greeting by Appalachian mountain people when they meet one another.  It goes like this:


"What's workin' ya?  What's learnin' ya?" 


As Angeles tells it, it is a greeting reminding us that the mystery is learning us and working us, rather than the other way around.  I believe that when we get that it is the mystery that's "workin' ya" and "learnin' ya," we chance upon the humility necessary to walk the path of the heart, leaving footprints that really do leave an impression in enough time to fulfill our promise.


Miracles I guess.

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I made it just in time....