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Posted - 11/06/2016 03:14pm
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November, 2016


Father Michael Fish, a monk from a most ancient order of Camaldolese contemplatives teaches me that in the loving gaze of the Other, we discover our own Beauty--the Beauty of who we are. Loving gaze is the key to see. In a wound to wound friendship we cannot leave sadness behind.  Take leave of friendship that awakens wounds and reminds the hurts.  Only deep friendship heals us.  Deep friendship gives us a template, a map, a language, a blue print. The Way.

Michael spoke of many things before he left on his Camino walk. He said St. Augustine wrote that "I came to love you too late." St. Augustine understood the meaning of deep friendship when he finally found his treasure in the loving gaze of his Beloved. Love gave St. Augustine a language. Michael reminded me that the Treasure is within ourselves. "Anya, don't go anywhere outside of yourself to find your treasure. It is inside of you."  How many years have we spent on tilling our field, while forgetting about our buried treasure? 

Beloved Father Michael Fish. In the meantime, he is walking alone on his 500-mile Camino journey to Rome. He is determined to meet Pope Francis for tea, upon his arrival to the Vatican.  He is the most humble of monks, a Hermit holding the Lantern looking at me with his loving gaze so that I may see the Beauty that is me.

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