Posted - 11/06/2016 12:34pm
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November, 2016


On this showery Saturday morning, I am inspired by Sonoma design creative George Lawrence Bevan III's thankfulness, in the month of Thanksgiving. Yesterday, among other words written in a note to me, George signed off in this way: "I appreciate Anya! Looking forward to seeing what you do next."

I never quite know exactly, George, though I can offer that whatever the ingredients of what I might "do next" call for, rigidity and harshness are left out allowing me to create with Aloha Spirit. I find that when I begin in this way, I then delight in finding starfish, sand dollars and sea urchins on my shoreline.

So this morning I am inspired by the art of inspiration and introducing this post as the first in a series of new writings: what is the art of inspiration; who embodies it; where does one find it; how does it feel to live it? Does it dance the Tango well with its partner-- the spirit of community--or no? Solitary or in solidarity? These and other musings will guide me in my column.

Today I am inspired by a Hawaiian woman who lives Pono. Pono is a sacred Hawaiian word of deep meaning and great significance to the Hawaiian culture and spirituality, of living life in balance and harmony. It is a word used in affirmative prayers. Hawaiian lady Jennifer Binney was asked about balancing a working life with an alternative lifestyle and daydreams. In her words:

"It's always a balance, constantly. It actually comes quite natural to me now. My advice is to know that by having a balance, things will fall to the wayside. You can’t have every opportunity and it’s really about an examination of, 'do you need to have every opportunity? Does everything need to be addressed? Do you have to make that much money? Or is enough enough?' Put your life into priorities, manifest what you want to do, and you’ll find that you do have a lot more time to do the things that are important to you....

Honestly, I do feel lucky, I do have struggles--everybody has them, but I’m a big advocate of 'say it out loud and it will happen,' and you just have to keep doing it. I get strayed away by fear and thinking it won’t work out, but you just have to go for it. I think it comes from the ocean. You cannot hesitate, there is no hesitation you just have to go...."


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